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Pre-K • Elementary Middle School • High School

Pre-K • Elementary Middle School • High SchoolPre-K • Elementary Middle School • High SchoolPre-K • Elementary Middle School • High School

Busing Information


Busing from Local School Districts:

Getting your students to school shouldn't be complicated. 

We have busing options available for many local school districts

(including but not limited to):

  • Hempfield 
  • Greensburg Salem  
  • Latrobe 
  • Mt Pleasant 
  • Connellsville 
  • Southmoreland 
  • Jeannette 
  • Yough

Contact your home school district / bus garage for more information on availability in your area. 

Phone numbers for our current busing providers are listed below. 

After-school care at ACA may also be available depending on your needs. Contact our office for more info.

Closings & Delays Procedures


  • First, we will send an alert through JupiterEd (email & text message) for those who have signed up for these alerts in their Jupiter account.
  • Delays & Cancellations will also be posted on TV through KDKA, WPXI & WTAE.
  • Lastly, we will have something on our social media pages, Facebook & Twitter. Follow us @ArmbrustCA

* If there is a closing or delay, we will utilize a CYBER SNOW DAY. Students should log on to their student account in Jupiter to access the day's assignments and to be counted as present for school that day. 

Hempfield School District Residents: 

  • Hempfield will not provide morning busing to ACA if we delay and they do not. In this event, you may bring your student to school on the 2 hour delay schedule and they can use afternoon busing home, or if morning transportation is an issue, they may stay home without their attendance record being negatively effected.
  • If both ACA & Hempfield have a 2 hour delay, then morning busing will follow a normal 2 hour delay schedule.

All other districts: 

  • If your home district calls a delay or cancels school because of weather related issues, and ACA does not, your child's bus will run on either a delay or will not run at all.


Bus Contacts

Hempfield Area School District

  • 724-523-8600

Greensburg Salem School District

  • DMJ Transportation 1-833-694-7287

Greater Latrobe School District

  • DMJ Transportation 724-925-8634

Mt Pleasant Area School District

  • DMJ Transportation 724-547-5442

Connellsville Area School District

  • 724-880-9729

Southmoreland School District

  • 724-887-2036

Jeannette City School District

  • 724-523-5497

Yough School District

  • 724-872-5490


For information, issues or to make changes to your normal pick-up or drop off routine, you need to contact your student's busing provider.

Contact info is listed for your convenience, but is subject to change.