Armbrust Christian Academy

Pre-K • Elementary Middle School • High School

Pre-K • Elementary Middle School • High School

Pre-K • Elementary Middle School • High SchoolPre-K • Elementary Middle School • High SchoolPre-K • Elementary Middle School • High School

Gym Rental

Step 1: Please email us with general info about your gym rental needs. Include the dates & times that you are interested in gym rental along with the reason.

Thank you for reaching out to us! We will reply to your gym rental inquiry as soon as possible.

Armbrust Christian Academy

7786 Route 819 Hunker, PA 15639

(724) 925-3830

Important Information

For approval, all gym rental requests must be submitted through a formal application. The contact form above is for your convince, to get the ball rolling towards gym rental. This first step will allow us to look at available dates prior to having you fill out the application.

Facility Usage Guidelines

  • Applications must be approved prior to gym use. Rental fees are due in advance.
  • At the conclusion of your event, check cleanliness & condition of bathrooms, make sure water is not running.
  • Turn off all lights, including restrooms.
  • Take out any garbage you created.

Gym Conduct

  • Permission must be granted for gym use.
  • No rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, heely shoes or bicycles may be used in the gym.
  • Absolutely no tobacco, alcohol or profanity.
  • You are liable for any property damage.
  • Any mess or garage created during your event is your responsibility to clean up.
  • Be respectful of other's time and resources - Punctuality of arrival and departure times is necessary. Failure to comply may result in additional fees.

ACA is not liable for personal / property loss or injury. Failure to follow conduct and facility rules will result in forfeit of gym privileges and /or security deposits.

Rental Rates

Ongoing weekly or monthly usage $35 per session

One time rental

$75 rental + $50 security deposit

One time rental WITH kitchen use

$100 rental + $50 security deposit

*Security deposits are returned after verification that facility usage guidelines  and gym conduct rules were followed .