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November 5, 2019

Thank you for a great event! 

We had 25 soups and over 20 desserts to sample and vote on, with 170+ in attendance!


Judge's Pick: 

- Evelyn Seaman's White Chicken Chili

- Bonnie Swartz's Chocolate Peanut Butter Layer Cake

- Tanner Champion's Pumpkin Cupcakes

People's Choice:

- Ken Shultz's Creamy Crab Soup

- Holly Shaffer's Pumpkin Cake

- Riley Strittmatter's Wacky Cake

How it Works:


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Hit the Kitchen

Hit the Kitchen

No Entry Fees! 

Use the form below to add your best soup or baked good to the competition.


Hit the Kitchen

Hit the Kitchen

Hit the Kitchen

Whip up your Soup or Baked Good and deliver it to the school by 3pm on November 5. 

See below for complete entry guidelines.


Be Judged

Hit the Kitchen

Be Judged

Entries will be Judged in 2 categories: Judge's Pick & People's Choice.

Prizes will be awarded for both!

Event Details


Soup Smackdown: 

A knock-down, drag out battle to see who makes the best soup! 

Baker's Battle: 

Get your battle spoons ready and start mixing up your best baked good from scratch!


  • Judges Pick: Entries will first be evaluated by our guest judges, for a chance to win the Judges Pick Prize. (entries arriving after 3 pm may not be eligible for Judges Pick prize.) 

Jackie Jaffre of Jaffre's Restaurant in Greensburg will be our soup judge.

check out their website!

  • People's Choice: The soups & desserts will then be available for all of our event patrons to try, and they will vote on their favorite by depositing cash & coins into the collection jar of their favorite items. The chef earning the most money for the school will win the People's Choice Prize! 

  • Divisions: The Baker's Battle will be judged in 2 separate divisions: Adult & Student Entries. There will be prizes for Judges pick & People's choice awarded in both divisions.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!! Patron Tickets are sold in advance & at the door.

Contact an ACA family for advanced ticket sales!

$7 - Includes salad, bread and unlimited samples of the soups and desserts!

$ Monetary voting - Vote for your favorites by placing money in the collection container of your favorite item. 

All voting proceeds benefit ACA. 

Prizes are awarded to the winners!

Entry Requirements

Soup Smackdown

Soup Smackdown

Soup Smackdown

  • All entries must be brought to the school no later than 3pm on November 5, 2019.
  • Your soup should be in a crockpot, hot & ready to serve.
  • Please bring a serving spoon / ladle and any garnish that your soup needs.
  • We provide bowls & sample cups, spoons, crackers & bread.

Baker's Battle

Soup Smackdown

Soup Smackdown

  • All entries must be homemade, from scratch. No "boxed mixes" please!
  • Quantities: (minimum)

                     - Cakes: (1) 9x13 or (2) round layer cakes

                     - Pies: (2) whole pies

                     - Cookies / Bars: 3 dozen

                     - Brownies: (1) 9x13 pan

                     - Cupcakes: 2 dozen

Thank you to our Judge!